About this blog

This blog is more of a “tech blog” than an “opinion blog”. It is also focused mostly on techy stuff although any one who knows me can tell you that I love to talk about the wider aspects of Collaboration and how it can be used in business and industry.

I started it because the Notes / Domino / XPage / ICS community is fantastic at sharing best practice and ideas and I felt that I should do my bit too.

I am a huge fan of the IBM ICS stack – to the extent that I left a good career as an Engineer and started a software development house. Even though I think it is a fantastic platform for delivery real world solutions it does have its limitations, quirks and bugs. I am very conscious that in my enthusiasm for ICS to be the best that it can I can sometimes come across as negative and I see this blog as a way of taking time to talk about the positive aspects of this great platform.

This blog does not necessarily represent the views of FoCul ltd