Sloping in Rostrevor / Ballynagelty Mourne Mountains – wind published S – SW actual SE

Just a quick post for the record. I had a good session sloping off the hill above Rostrevor.  I initially hoped to slope off by CloughMor Stone but although the wind was blowing at 25 – 30 knots it was quite sheltered there. I set off further up the hill to a spot just below the summit shown with the green arrow below.

The wind was forecast S – SW but locally it seemed more like SE, This might be the influence of the Cooley mountains to the south ( there is slope soaring at the flagstaff transmitter ) .

The landing spot is downhill but is OK if you have flaps and there is a strong breeze. There might be a better spot on the top of the hill but this was good for me with the strong wind. The lift was very strong once you got out 75 m or so from the slope but it did seem quite “lumpy”.

Parking is at the “Top car park” ( blue arrow )  but it is a stiff climb to where I flew.

Would i fly there again ? It is local to where I was staying so probably yes. with more time I might explore Slieveban which is 1 km to the east as the landing might be better.




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