Winter Hill – Idiot Hanglider Pilot Endangering Himself & Costing me £90

I was flying an R/C model at Winter Hill today when the owner of this car cut right across the model flight line. I am relatively new to slope soaring and was doing practice landing circuits. I panicked and tried to wave the pilot off thinking he was unaware of the models – there were 5 in the air including two high performance ones – one on its maiden flight.

In trying to wave him off I crashed my model and wrote it off – yes I know the first rule of an emergency is to fly the damn plane – lesson learnt.

The pilot then came around again – right through the middle of the R/C gliders again.
I tried to do the right thing. Did I crash my model to stop the pilot being endangered – no I didn’t but I would have done if necessary. Would I do it next time – I would definitely pause for thought.

I spoke to the pilot when he landed – he was totally unapologetic and quite arrogant – “sorry mate it was the turbulence”. Total rubbish – he did it twice.

If anyone knows this person can they please talk some sense into him. He is no ambassador for your sport and I am £90 out of pocket thanks to his arrogance. I am seriously tempted to fill in a BHPA incident form on his behalf.


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