V2 FRSky Taranis 6 Channel Configuration eepe with trainer, flaps, crow spoilers, reflex and instructions

Update – see this important article on Adverse Yaw. I hope to add this feature soon.

markedup v2

Here is version 2 of my 6 Taranis Channel setup for planes such as the Bixler. New additions include volume control, black box recording ( telemetry, switches and sticks ) and a timer.

This file is strictly for OpenTX 2.x and will not work for OpenTX 1.x

Files => eepe file and instructions

I have had my FRSky Taranis for a few months now and am loving the software side of it. My son has a 6 servo bixler and I have set up a configuration on the Taranis to support trainer ( buddy ), flaps, Crow Spoilers and Reflex – mostly just to experiment. You can download the eepe file, the sounds and the instruction pdf below. I will probably blog various sections too.  The latest version ( what ever that currently is ) can be found here => http://www.seancull.co.uk/taranis  The key features I wanted were :

  • A Motor Safety Switch
  • A trainer function so that I could connect the Taranis to another buddy box via a buddy / trainer lead. I wanted to have two modes – a partial mode where I retained throttle control and a full mode where I could pass across all 4 primary functions.
  • High, Medium and Low Rates with Expo
  • Rudder and Aileron mixing to smooth out turns
  • Flaps with elevator compensation
  • Spoilers / Air Brakes / Opposing Ailerons and Flaps or Crow as the glider folks call it. Also requiring elevator compensation
  • Reflex – positioning the flaps in a slightly up position – supposedly makes for more speed – I just like experimenting
  • A basic “panic mode” that removes all mixes
  • Dangerous functions such as flaps or spoilers should have repeating warnings to remind you they are active.
  • Occasional functions should have a once off voice alert to remind you what they are – e.g. the partial trainer mode selection.
  • Timer
  • Volume Control

If you are specifically after an F3 glider set up see Mike Shellims Configuration

3 thoughts on “V2 FRSky Taranis 6 Channel Configuration eepe with trainer, flaps, crow spoilers, reflex and instructions

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  2. Bruce L

    Thanks for sharing this Sean.. works fantastic on my bixler2 😀 and all the info involved so one can understand whats going on.. congratulations on such a great job..

  3. Renos Anagnostopoulos

    Dear Sean

    this is a great work and i want to adaptit to my e-hawk 1500.
    i have two servos for my ailerons L&R and is Vtail so i have one servo for rudder (left V) and one servo for elevator (right V)
    I dont want the part of Trainer mode and everything related with it.
    i want to use everything all but as Flaperon and spoileron.
    i know i cant have Flap and spoiler together so i can’t have the crow.
    can you make a eepe file based on yours to fit my needs?

    Thanks in Advance


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